The medieval Benedictine monastery of S. Scolastica, together with the annexed 16th-century bastion, is today the renovated home of the Archaeological Museum of the Metropolitan City of Bari. It welcomes visitors to the northernmost tip of that “museo diffuso” (widespread museum) which is the old City, with its density and variety of architectural, archaeological and historical values.
Natural gate between the city and the sea, the monumental complex is also a museum of itself due to that thousand-year-old stratification of events that has been revealed by a recent restoration project. It opens to the public at the end of extensive functional renovation of the spaces begun in 2011, carried out in stages using grant funds: from one end of the monastery to the other, by respecting and enhancing ancient pre-existing architectural structures, the archaeological path takes the visitor on a journey back in time, from the 19th century, through the Middle Ages, to Protohistory, into the foundations of the building.

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La testata della locandina della mostra di Giuliana Storino

Il sole è nuovo ogni giorno, Giuliana Storino

Bari 18 settembre - 31 dicembre 2021 Giuliana Stonino

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Official video for "forme del desiderio" exhibition


Iapygians and Greeks in ancient Apulia

This room displays a significant selection of ceramics of indigenous and Greek production, dated between the 6th and 3rd centuries BC, which constitute one of the most important nuclei of the Archaeological Mu-seum of Bari.

Vasi preistorici e protostorici del Museo archeologico di Bari

Prehistory and protohistory in the Terra di Bari

This conventionally defines the vast time span of human history that extends back as far as 1.5 million years, from the first use of stone tools to the mastery of metals (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic or Copper Age).

Metalli della sezione peuceta del <museo archeoloico di Bari

Ancient peoples of Apulia: the Peucetians

The room on the first floor of the Museum is dedicated to the Peucetians, people who in pre-Roman times occupied the territory of the present - day Province of Bari, as well as part of the territory of Taranto and part of the in- land of Basilicata.

Un dettaglio di un  vaso della Collezione Polese del Museo Archeologico di Santa Scolastica

The Polese collection

The Polese collection was acquired by the Provincial Administration in 1925 on a proposal from the Committee for Archaeology and local history, with the aim of enriching the collections of the Archaeological Museum of the Province of Bari established in 1875.

Archaeology of Bari

The section Archaeology of Bari aims at illustrating, by and large, the development of the city by means of the underground traces, leafing through the archaeological strata from the Middle Ages to the Bronze Age.

Reperti del Monastero di Santa Scolastica

Life in the monastery

This room has been reserved for the exhibition, contextual to the place of discovery, of a selection of artifacts found in the deep well in the centre of the hall. The artifacts are grouped according to types including uncoated tableware and storage ware.


il chiostro del Monastero di Santa Scolastica a Bari

The monastery

The story of the foundation of the monastery willed by the king of the Franks, Pepin, in 755 seems to be legendary, while the first document mentioning the monastery is da- ted 1102, suggesting the monastery already existed in the previous century. ...

Interno del bastione di Santa Scolastica a Bari

The bastion

The imposing bastion of Santa Scolastica, overlooking Largo Nino Lavermicocca-lungomare Imperatore Augusto, constitutes the monumental “sea gate” of the Museum. ...

l'area archeologica di San Pietro a Bari

The archaeological area of San Pietro

The area of S.Pietro is an integral part of the Museum. Adjacent to the the western facade of the monastery of S. Scolastica it can be accessed directly from the Bastion or from piazza S. Pietro.



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